Virtual Institute „Dynamic pathways in multidimensional landscapes“ invites for Scientific Kick-Off and Summer School

University of Potsdam at Neues Palais<br>Photo: Wikipedia

University of Potsdam at Neues Palais
Photo: Wikipedia

From 6th to 10th August 2012, the speaker of the Virtual Institute (VI), Prof. Dr. Alexander Föhlisch, invites associated members of the national and international partners as well as interested colleagues and students to come to Potsdam for the Scientific Kick-Off and Summer school.

Registration is possible on the Website of the event. 

On the first day of the Scientific Kick-Off an official opening ceremony will take place with a key note lecture by LCLS Director Prof. Dr. Joachim Stöhr as highlight.

The Virtual Institute „Dynamic pathways in multidimensional landscapes“, funded by the Helmholtz Association, is a research partnership of HZB, DESY, and two German universities. In a strong network with national and international partners researchers explore the governing principles of material’s function in an internationally highly visible centre of excellence. Applying cutting-edge X-ray tools the research covers the energy spectrum from soft to hard X-Rays, the time scales from quasi-static to sub-femtosecond and the length scales from sub-Angstrom to micrometers. The goal is to explore the deep correspondence and complementarity between fundamental phenomena determining functionality of materials.