ISUenergy 2015 – the 7th successful year!

Group picture in a beautiful landscape.

Group picture in a beautiful landscape. © Gino Günzburger

Students came from 29 countries. Source: Bettina Wolter.

Students came from 29 countries. Source: Bettina Wolter.

Local energy education & training for a global learning community – The International Summer University for Renewable Energy, the ISUenergy 2015, took place already for the seventh time from August to the beginning of September in Falera, Graubünden, with students from all around the world.

The 62 participants, most masters and PhD students, came from 29 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. They were chosen from more than a hundred applications for their qualifications and motivation, and invited to Falera in the Swiss mountains for the Summer University. They included students of physics, engineering sciences, chemistry, economics, architecture, environmental sciences, geography, law and mathematics. Such a diverse range of disciplines casts light on the topic of renewable energies from all sides.

In lectures, practical workshops, group projects and evening lectures, the local ISUenergy community acquired knowledge and technical knowhow on the following topics:

• Solar architecture/BIPV
•  Wind energy
•  Electromobility
•  Solar thermal energy
•  Smart grids
•  Economic and political aspects.

They learned about the fundamentals of the thematic cluster of renewable energies and acquired application-oriented knowledge on energy conversion and applications.
Over the span of two weeks, the students experimented, discussed their ideas, discarded them, tried again, and thus developed a deeper understanding.

“We didn’t just learn classically, but also discussed and investigated, and repeatedly marvelled and cheered when the results in the practical workshops and group projects met or exceeded our expectations,” a participant recounts.
Prof. Dr. Martha Ch. Lux-Steiner, Academic Director of the ISUenergy, called this university into being so that today’s young scientists can benefit from interdisciplinary cooperation and teaching from as early on as possible in light of a global energy turnaround.  Since 2009, she has enticed the experts of internationally leading research institutes from across the globe to Graubünden in order to give students, lecturers and tutors this unique teaching and learning experience.

The University and the event location in Falera itself received a flood of extremely positive feedback from the students. “The chemistry was right,” the participants’ feedback says about the ISUenergy 2015 community. The working community worked, and many new contacts were made even for the future.

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Amina Grunewald