International conference QENS 2016 and Workshop WINS 2016 in Potsdam

Participants of QENS 2016 and WINS 2016

From 5th to 9th of September HZB has hosted two international scientific events dedicated to the study of the dynamics at nanoscale, QENS and WINS 2016. While Quasielastic Neutron scattering conference (QENS 2016) was dedicated to the scientific applications, international Workshop on Inelastic spectrometers WINS 2016 allowed to touch on the instrumental aspects. 108 scientists from all over the world participated in these events organized in the heart of the Potsdam.

For the first time in the history of QENS the conference was focused on the exploration of materials for energy and information technology applications. Modeling, either to deeper understanding of experimental data, or in the prediction of new materials and phenomena was integral part of the programme. A special session will be dedicated to water. “Very nice program, perfect organization and all this in such a nice place!” summarized Jean-Marc Zanotti from Saclay, France.