New: Campusblog at HZB

The Campusblog is a place to report on people who work at HZB.

John Schneider is a volunteer at the Fire department in Berlin-Zehlendorf. During storm Xavier he was night and day working.

An anecdote from the canteen, a curious lab photo, and an exciting encounter – there are many stories which just need to be written up. Now we have the Campus Blog of the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin for this. You will read in the blog, for example, that a HZB staffer cleared paths with a chain saw the whole night long during the Xavier storm, and other interesting stories.

“We want to offer a platform where staff members can tell their stories, stories that are not official press releases destined for the web, but nevertheless are interesting for many people”, says Antonia Rötger, one of the editors responsible for the blog. That is new. Up to now there has been the HBZlog produced by an editorial team at HZB, the focus of which was forthcoming projects of the HZB.

With Campus Blog, staff members themselves can use their own keyboards. “An email or phone call is enough – we will then set up author status for you”, explains Rötger.

Simple and readable on all user devices.

The new blog works with Wordpress and you can quickly create your own contribution with a few clicks. The advantage of the HZB Campus Blog is that it is simple to use, and works smoothly on mobile devices like smartphones as well. Adding comments has become simpler also.

Target audience: colleagues and neighbours

The articles and photo galleries in the blog are oriented towards everyone interested in the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. They are colleagues, naturally, but also neighbours, students, and researchers. “It is not meant to be about complex science, but instead more about the people that work here or are involved with the HZB.” For example, like John Schneider, who is in the volunteer fire department and spent a day and a night during Xavier putting a chain saw to good use.

Science Blog in English

While the Campus Blog will be written in German, there is a dedicated English Science Blog on the topic of energy-related  materials. Here, researchers can voice their thoughts, there are brief tips on interesting publications and workshops, and maybe even debates on questions surrounding research.





Anja-Mia Neumann