HZB Newsletter in english now

You can now register to receive the monthly HZB Newsletter automatically by email. It always contains two or three science features from research activities, information on personnel matters, and video and reading tips such as links to profiles and news reports from the HZB newspaper Lichtblick, the Campus Blog, and the Science Blog.

In the current July newsletter, we have choiced the recently achieved world records in photovoltaics to be the main topic. In August, we will focus on the work in the upcoming BESSY shutdown with the aim to prepare BESSY VSR. Here is a web presentation of the new English July issue.

The HZB Newsletter is a convenient digital-format read that supplements the more comprehensive quarterly Lichtblick. “With the monthly features from research and stories about campus life accessible with a simple click, our readers can always stay up to date. This enables us to provide timelier information than is possible, for example, with the annual Highlights report”, explains Ina Helms, head of the Communications Department. At the same time, the various information channels become better linked, and the multimedia content as well as the results from elaborate research can be made available to a larger readership.

The HZB Newsletter editing team of Antonia Rötger and Kerstin Berthold have carefully designed this new source, especially with respect to the new General Data Protection Regulations. You will receive the HZB Newsletter only if you first register an e-mail address and then confirm it (if you don't find the confirmation link in your mailbox, please check the spam folder). Because the transmittal of the HZB Newsletter is fulfilled by an external service provider, also employees receive it in their email box only after registering.

The registration link here in the english text leads to the subscription for the english newsletter. If you prefer to receive the German newsletter, simply change the language mode of the website.