The HZB welcomes new apprentices and students

On September 3, 2018, 14 new colleagues who are undertaking an apprenticeship, a dual course of study or a voluntary scientific year at the HZB officially started their careers.

The administrative director of HZB, Thomas Frederking, warmly welcomed the new employees and wished them much success and a quick familiarisation at the centre. After a short insight into the research topics of the HZB, the youth and training representatives introduced themselves. Afterwards there was a scavenger hunt, during which the trainees completed important tasks - such as preparing their employee ID card - and got to know the Wannsee campus.

"On the second day, a workshop with team-building measures is on the agenda so that the trainees can get to know each other and support each other during their training," says Christina Herold, HZB's training coordinator.

We welcome you to the new training year:
- 1 office management assistant
- 2 IT specialists ("Informatiker")
- 1 precision mechanic ("Feinwerkmechaniker")
- 2 cooks
- 1 Electronics technician
- 4 students information science
- 1 students B. Eng. construction design and manufacturing
- 1 student (B.Sc. Laboratory and Process Engineering, specializing in radiation technology)

In addition, an employee works in the student laboratory as part of a Voluntary Social Year in Science, Technology and Sustainability (FJN).


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