HZB in pictures - two new movies at the end of the anniversary year

"You need the courage to develop something you don't know exactly how the end result looks like. That's research and development, otherwise it would just be building." A key sentence Prof. Jens Knobloch says in the new HZB movie.

In the midst of large halls, full of glittering machines or in laboratories where people wear blue protective clothes and hoods on their heads, we see the protagonists of the film. They let us feel the joy when they tinker with something new. The camera with many close-ups and a music that constantly increases in tempo composes the pieces into a ten-minute kaleidoscope of science.

First live - now on Youtube

The film "BESSY II at HZB - A glimpse into the machine room of science" was presented live on 18 February in the Tipi at the Chancellery, where the HZB celebrated its 10th anniversary together with invited guests. Now it can be seen publicly on Youtube.

The same goes for the new HZB mosaic, which employees could already see in the BESSY foyer in December 2018.

From Wannsee to Adlershof

This film does not use any spoken words at all. The mix of images is driven by rhythmic synthesizer music. It connects the locations Wannsee and Adlershof. Typical work situations in the laboratory and at the experimental stations of BESSY II or the BER II reactor alternate with pictures in the canteen or encounters between young people on campus. The film served as an opener for the staff party celebrating the research anniversary within the centre.

Versatility in the HZB-Youtube channel

The two new films now enrich the HZB-Youtube channel. Versatility is the motto here. On the one hand, funny animations like the Happy Undulator, on the other hand didactically created explanatory films, which tell in two minutes via drawing and animation, what makes Perovskite so special, how sunlight can be stored as solar hydrogen, what the HZB is researching in spintronics or what our synchrotron is for. Everything sorted in eight different playlists. And of course you can also find the films with dancing staff for BESSY-VSR here. As versatile as the HZB, so colourful are the films, which are not so few in the meantime.