HZB Postdoc awarded prize for best presentation at ICMSET 19


Dr. Lifei Xi was awarded a prize for the best presentation at the 8th International Conference for Materials Science and Engineering Technology (ICMSET 19) in Singapore. The postdoc works in the Young Investigator group "Oxygen Evolution Mechanism Engineering". His research interests are operando measurements to better understand electrocatalytic reactions. 

In his presentation, Xi showed results from the past few years on operando measurements on catalysts for water oxidation, also in collaboration with other groups at HZB, e.g. the Institute for Solar Fuels. The title of his contribution is: „In Situ ATR-Infrared and XAS Study of Oxygen Evolution Catalysts“. He also introduced the versatile possibilities at BESSY II for new users and for his own research, which was received well.

The presented works show new insights into the catalysis on popular oxides based on manganese, nickel and cobalt-iron, both as electrocatalysts and as cocatalysts on a bismuth vanadate photoabsorber. “A highlight of these works is the detection of a possible catalytic intermediate using synchrotron-based infrared spectroscopy” explains the group leader Dr. Marcel Risch. “insights into the intermediates are especially precious for the targeted improvement of catalysts”.