Another innovative EU project with HZB participation kicked off

Symbol picture for BIPV (University of Zurich (Zh) - 100 kWp)

Symbol picture for BIPV (University of Zurich (Zh) - 100 kWp) © Planeco GmbH

The CUSTOM-ART consortium consists of 17 academic and industrial partners, involving world leading groups and main European actors involved in the development of kesterite technologies. It leads an ambitious and disruptive project for the development and demonstration of the next generation of building and product integrated photovoltaic modules (BIPV and PIPV) based on abundant thin-film materials. The project started September, 1st 2020 and will run for 3.5 years.

HZB contributes to the technology development by systematically investigating the structure-function relationship of kesterite-type materials as one of quaternary chalcogenide compound semiconductors. HZB will study the influence of alkali doping on the point defect scenario and level of structural disorder. These studies will rely on detailed structural investigations of kesterite-type monograins (based on neutron diffraction and multiple energy anomalous X-ray diffraction). Also HZB will contribute with combinatorial high-throughput materials optimization applying especially advanced optoelectronic analytics. HZB has a share of 550 TEUR out of the total funding based on budgeted total costs of 8M€.

G. Ehlgen