The HZB Graduate Center is here now

The HZB “DR coordination” is now the HZB Graduate Center. Since the beginning of 2018, the DR coordination has been continuously expanding the offers and standards at the HZB for doctoral researchers and their advisors. The ideas and suggestions that were collected in discussions with numerous stakeholders and in various HZB committees on this topic are leading the path and are incorporated in the set up of a uniform HZB-wide umbrella structure for doctoral researchers and their advisors - the HZB Graduate Center.

The main goal is to create the best possible conditions for the successful completion of the doctorate and at the same time to offer doctoral researchers space for individual development and further development opportunities.

With the introduction of the revised doctoral guidelines and the HZB supervision agreement at the beginning of last year, an important milestone was reached in setting up the umbrella structure. Uniform, transparent and reliable standards for all HZB doctoral researchers have been established, support and qualification offers for them as well as their advisors are continuously expanded and further developed.

From now on, the HZB Graduate Center provides all offers and services that were perviously provided by the "DR coordination".

For more information on the standards and offers for doctoral researchers at HZB, please take a look at the Graduate Center's homepage or contact its staff directly.