Special conference of the East German Minister-Presidents as guests at HZB

© HZB/M. Setzpfandt

With a strong commitment to further investment in research and innovation, the special conference of the East German Minister-Presidents came to an end on 19 October 2023. The special conference, chaired by Saxony's Minister-President Michael Kretschmer, was also attended by Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger and the Federal Government Commissioner for Eastern Germany, Carsten Schneider.
The special conference was hosted by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, based in Berlin-Adlershof with BESSY II light source and its energy research.

At the special conference, the participants discussed research and technology promotion, the development of cutting-edge technologies in eastern Germany, and vocational education and training. In a joint resolution, the East German Länder emphasised the need to further improve the conditions for the transfer of research results into the economy and to adapt them to new challenges.

Michael Kretschmer emphasised that Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin is a successful example of how young people from Germany and abroad work together and advance innovations together with great enthusiasm. “This is where the future lays,” said Kretschmer.

The unanimous tenor of the politicians is that science and industry must be thought together even more. The proximity to research institutions often plays a decisive role in the location decisions of new companies. “If we want to maintain our prosperity, we must invest in science, especially in difficult situations,” demanded Kretschmer.

The Federal Minister of Education and Research and the heads of government of the East German Länder also took the opportunity to learn about HZB’s research and to visit BESSY II light source. For 25 years, it has been generating sought-after X-ray light for research and is a centre of attraction for scientists from all over the world. The construction of BESSY II in Berlin-Adlershof 25 years ago has contributed to the establishment of further research centres and start-ups there. Today, around 25,000 people work in the Adlershof Science and Technology Park and contribute to numerous innovations through the unique collaboration between research and business.

More pictures and impressions of the special conference as well as the tour of the Minister-Presidents at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin can be found on our LinkedIn page.

Picture: Hochranginge Gäste der Sonderkonferenz in der Experimentierhalle von BESSY II. V.l.n.r.: Bernd Rech (wissenschaftlicher Geschäftsführer, HZB), Michael Kretschmer (Ministerpräsident des Freistaates Sachsen), Manuela Schwesig (Minister­präsidentin des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Dietmar Woidke (Ministerpräsident des Landes Brandenburg), Reiner Haseloff (Ministerpräsident von Sachsen-Anhalt), Bettina Stark-Watzinger (Bundesministerin für Bildung und Forschung), Florian Graf (Chef der Berliner Senatskanzlei) und Malte Krückels (Bevollmächtigter des Freistaates Thüringen beim Bund).