Al-Falahat, A.; Kupsch, A.; Hentschel, M.P.; Lange, A.; Kardjilov, N.; Markötter, H.; Manke, I.: Correction approach of detector backlighting in radiography. Review of Scientific Instruments 90 (2019), p. 125108/1-7

In various kinds of radiography, deficient transmission imaging may occur due to backlighting inside the detector itself arising from light or radiation scattering. The related intensity mismatches barely disturb the high resolution contrast, but its long range nature results in reduced attenuation levels which are often disregarded. Based on X-ray observations and an empirical formalism, a procedure is developed for a first order correction of detector backlighting. A backlighting factor is modeled as a function of the relative detector coverage by the sample projection. Different cases of sample transmission are regarded at different backlight factors and detector coverage. The additional intensity of backlighting may strongly affect the values of materials’ attenuation up to a few 10%. The presented scenario provides a comfortable procedure for corrections of X-ray or neutron transmission imaging data.