• Buttersack, T.; Mason, P.E.; Jungwirth, P.; Schewe, H.C.; Winter, B.; Seidel, R.; McMullen, R.S.; Bradforth, S.E.: Deeply cooled and temperature controlled microjets: Liquid ammonia solutions released into vacuum for analysis by photoelectron spectroscopy. Review of Scientific Instruments 91 (2020), p. 043101/1-9

Open Access Version

A versatile, temperature controlled apparatus is presented, which generates deeply cooled liquid microjets of condensed gases, expelling them via a small aperture into vacuum for use in photoelectron spectroscopy (PES). The functionality of the design is demonstrated by temperatureand concentration-dependent PES measurements of liquid ammonia and solutions of KI and NH4I in liquid ammonia. The experimental setup is not limited to the usage of liquid ammonia solutions solely.