Hwang, J.-G.; Abo-Bakr, M.; Matveenko, A.; Kourkafas, G.; Kamps, T.: Radiation Generation with an Existing Demonstrator of an Energy-Recovery Continuous-Wave Superconducting RF Accelerator. Journal of the Korean Physical Society 77 (2020), p. 337–343
Open Access Version

Over the past decades, many accelerator laboratories have put much effort into the development of compact energy-recovery linac (ERL) demonstrators to verify various physical and technical aspects of the generation, acceleration, transport and energy recovery of high brightness and high average current electron beams in a superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) linear accelerator. Beyond these goals, the ERL demonstrator also offers unique opportunities to study novel schemes for THz and X-ray radiation generation. In this paper, we discuss feasible options for schemes generating THz and X-ray radiation at low-energy continuous-wave (CW) SRF ERL demonstrators such as the bERLinPro accelerator.