Acierno, A.; Toman, J.; Kimes, K.; Mostafaei, A.; Boin, M.; Wimpory, R.; Chmielus, M.: Grain growth, porosity, and hardness changes in sintered and annealed binder-jet 3D printed Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloys. Microscopy and Microanalysis 26 (2020), p. 3082-3085
Open Accesn Version

In this study, neutron diffraction was performed on binder-jet printed Ni-Mn-Ga alloys which were sintered at different temperatures. The data from these measurements show a large difference in Bragg diffraction peaks due to grain size difference sintered at 1080 °C and 1090 °C as revealed by the images obtained by the area detector and grain boundaries revealed during etching. Also, the decrease in porosity with increasing sintering temperature resulted in an increase in hardness.