Fantin, A.; Lepore, G.O.; Manzoni, A.M.; Kasatikov, S.; Scherb, T.; Huthwelker, T.; d'Acapito, F.; Schumacher, G.: Short-range chemical order and local lattice distortion in a compositionally complex alloy. Acta Materialia 193 (2020), p. 329-337

This work presents an X-ray absorption spectroscopy study on a single-phase state of the Al8Cr17Co17Cu8Fe17Ni33 compositionally complex alloy, focused on the local crystal structure around each alloying element. The comparison of 1st shell bond lengths, obtained by the analysis of extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) measured at the K-edges of each alloying element, indicates that Al8Cr17Co17Cu8Fe17Ni33 crystallizes in a distorted arrangement of an fcc lattice. A modest bond length dependence of the alloying elements with increasing atomic number is observed, with minima and maxima at Cr/ Co, and Al/Cu, respectively. 1st shell bond lengths spread over ~0.03A ; consequently, such variations cannot result in lattice distortions greater than ~0.04A . EXAFS results clearly indicate short-range order in the alloy: pairing of Al with Ni and Cu is favored, correlating well with a g’ precipitate composition (Al-Ni-Cu rich) reported in previous work, while Al-Cr bonding is unfavored and no Al-Al pairs are observed. Electronic structure information was obtained through comparison between near-edge regions of alloying elements and corresponding pure metals. Intensity comparison of K-edge features agree with a charge variation of p states in Al8Cr17Co17Cu8Fe17Ni33, where Ni and Cu act as p states electron acceptors, suggesting an orbital hybridization with Al, responsible for a shrinkage in Al metallic radius in the alloy by 0.17A .