• Volkov, O.M.; Kronast, F.; Abert, C.; Mata, E.S.O.; Kosub, T.; Makushko, P.; Erb, D.; Pylypovskyi, O.V.; Mawass, M.A.; Sheka, D.; Zhou, S.; Fassbender, J.; Makarov, D.: Domain-Wall Damping in Ultrathin Nanostripes with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction. Physical Review Applied 15 (2021), p. 034038/1-12


Asymmetrically sandwiched thin magnetic layers with perpendicular anisotropy and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) is the prospective material science platform for spin-orbitronic technologies that rely on the motion of chiral magnetic textures, like skyrmions or chiral domain walls (DWs). The dynamic performance of a DW-based racetrack is defined by the strength of the DMI and the DW damping. The determination of the latter parameter is typically done based on technically challenging DW motion experiments. Here, we propose a method to access both the DMI constant and DW damping from static experiments by monitoring the tilt of magnetic DWs in nanostripes. We experimentally demonstrate that in perpendicularly magnetized //CrOx/Co/Pt stacks, DWs can be trapped on edge roughness in a metastable tilted state as a result of the DW dynamics driven by an external magnetic field. The measured tilt can be correlated to the DMI strength and DW damping in a self-consistent way in the frame of a theoretical formalism based on the collective coordinate approach.