• Quintero-Castro, D.L.; Nilsen, G.J.; Meier-Kirchner, K.; Benitez-Castro, A.; Guenther, G.; Sakakibara, T.; Tokunaga, M.; Agu, C.; Mandal, I.; Tsirlin, A.A.: One-dimensional magnetism in synthetic Pauflerite, beta-VOSO4. Physical Review Materials 7 (2023), p. 045003/1-7

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We have synthesized single-crystal samples of β−VOSO4 and fully characterized their magnetic properties. Our magnetic susceptibility, high field magnetization, and powder inelastic neutron scattering results are in excellent agreement with theoretical expressions for a one-dimensional spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain with an exchange parameter of 3.83(2) meV. Ab initio calculations identify the superexchange pathway, revealing that the spin-chain does not run along the expected crystallographic chain a direction but instead between V4+O6 octahedra that are linked via SO4 tetrahedra along the b axis. We do not detect any phase transition to a long-range magnetic order within our experimental conditions, indicating β−VOSO4 is very close to an ideal one-dimensional magnetic system.