Andres, S. ; Pettenkofer, C. ; Speck, F. ; Seyller, T.: Morphology and electronic properties of metal organic molecular beam epitaxy grown ZnO on hydrogen passivated 6H-SiC(0001). Journal of Applied Physics 103 (2008), p. 103720/1-6

Thin ZnO films were grown on hydrogen passivated 6H-SiC 0001 substrates by metal organic molecular beam epitaxy. The initial growth as well as the electronic properties of the growing interface were monitored by low electron diffraction and photoelectron spectroscopy PES . From the PES intensities of the substrate and ZnO film a layered Frank-van-der-Merwe-like growth mode could be observed within the first 10 nm. The ZnO films grow preferentially in 0001 direction and show a pronounced facetting in the 101¯2 direction. The experimentally determined band alignment reveals band offsets of EVBM 1.6 eV and ECBM 1.2 eV between the valence and conduction bands, respectively. With growing ZnO thickness a band bending of about −0.51 eV is observed in the SiC substrate.