Ksenzov, D.; Schlemper, Ch.; Davtyan, A.; Bajt, S.; Schäfers, F.; Pietsch, U.: A setup for probing ultra-short soft X-ray diffraction by means of curved multilayer structures. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 269 (2011), p. 2124-2129

We propose an experimental setup allowing for measurement of the whole diffraction curve of a Bragg peak by single pulse exposure where a bended sample is illuminated by a set of parallel pencil beams under locally different angles of incidence. The feasibility is demonstrated probing the 1st order Bragg peak of Ru/B4C multilayers for photon energies close to Boron K-edge. The evaluated optical parameters recorded from bent sample under fixed sample setting equals those obtained from a flat sample using angular dispersive recording. Subsequently our scheme is appropriate for solid state experiment using at high intense femtosecond pulses provided by free-electron laser sources.