Senn, T.; Kutz, O.; Weniger, Ch.; Li, J.; Schoengen, M.; Löchel, H.; Wolf, J.; Göttert, P.; Löchel, B.: Integration of moth-eye structures into a poly(dimethylsiloxane) stamp for the replication of functionalized microlenses using UV-nanoimprint lithography. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 29 (2011), p. 061601/1-5

The increasing demand for low cost camera modules for mobile devices requires technological solutions for the manufacturing process. One of the most promising fabrication processes for microlenses for camera modules is UV-nanoimprint lithography. In a typical fabrication process, an elastomer stamp is used to replicate microlenses. In this work, a method is presented to integrate moth-eye structures as an antireflective layer into a poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) stamp containing a microlens array. The integration of these structures is done by a thermoforming process. Due to the integration of the moth-eye structures into the PDMS stamp, the optical performance of the replicated microlenses can be improved and no additional processing steps are necessary after the replication process.