Yashchuk, V.V.; Takacs, P.Z.; McKinney, W.R.; Assoufid, L.; Siewert, F.; Zeschke, T.: Development of a new generation of optical slope measuring profiler. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research A 649 (2011), p. 153-155

A collaboration including all DOE synchrotron laboratories and industrial vendors of X-ray optics, and with active participation of the HBZ-BESSY-II optics group, has been established to work together on a new slope measuring profiler — the Optical Slope Measuring System (OSMS). The slope measurement accuracy of the instrument is expected to be <50 nrad for the current and future metrology of X-ray optics for the next generation of light sources. The goals were to solidify a design that meets the needs of mirror specifications and also be affordable, and to create a common specification for fabrication of a multi-functional translation/scanning (MFTS) system for the OSMS. This was accomplished by two collaborative meetings at the ALS (March26,2010) and at the APS (May6,2010).