Bischoff, J.; Senn, T.; Löchel, B.: Prozessoptimierung zur Herstellung von zweidimensionalen photonischen Kristallen mittels Nanoimprint Lithografie. In: Mikro-Nano-Integration : Beiträge des 3. GMM-Workshops, 3. - 4. März 2011 in Stuttgart. 1 CD-ROM. Berlin: VDE-Verl., 2011. - ISBN 978-3-8007-3334-7, p. 68-72

For the fabrication of two-dimensional photonic crystals, usually the electron beam lithography is used. Because of the long processing time and high costs, the electron beam lithography is not suitable for mass production. An alternative method is the nanoimprint lithography. In this process, a structured stamp is moulded in a thermoplastic resist under the use of force and temperature. The produced structure can be transferred into the substrate below. A difficulty of this process is the simultaneous patterning of micro- and nanostructures. This results from the hole diameters of the photonic crystals (80nm) and the waveguides (50 µm). In this paper, a process optimization is presented which allows the production of these multiscale structures. At the end, the characteristics of the photonic crystals could be measured and the results are compared with a simulation. It could be shown that high-quality photonic crystals can be produced using this method.