Vogel, F.; Wanderka, N.; Matsumura, S.; Banhart, J.: Early stages of decomposition within the γ' phase of a Ni-Al-Ti model alloy. Intermetallics 22 (2012), p. 226-230

A Ni-8.5Al-5.4Ti (at.%) model alloy was subjected to a two-step heat treatment resulting in the formation of γ´precipitates in a γ matrix. The microstructural evolution was followed by transmission electron microscopy. Atom probe analyses at the nanometre scale showed the inhomogeneous distribution of Ni, Al and Ti in the γ´precipitates. Ni-rich and Ni-depleted clusters were observed. The results are discussed with respect to the excess of Ni within the γ´ phase based on the conditions of heat treatment.