• Kamps, T.; Anders, W.; Frahm, A.; Knobloch, J.; Kugeler, O.; Rudolph, J.; Matveenko, A.; Neumann, A.; Quast, T.; Schenk, M.; Schuster, M.; Kneisel, P.; Sekutowicz, J.; Nietubyc, R.; Will, I.: Status and perspectives of superconducting radio-frequency gun development for BERLinPro. Journal of Physics : Conference Series 298 (2011), p. 012009/1-5


As part of the BERLinPro study, HZB is developing an SRF photoelectron injector. The R&D will be carried out in three stages, the first of which is currently being installed at HZB’s HoBiCaT facility. It consists of an SRF cavity with SC solenoid, electron beam diagnosics and drivelaser systems.