Strobl, M.; Tremsin, A.S.; Hilger, A.; Wieder, F.; Kardjilov, N.; Manke, I.; Bouwman, W.G.; Plomp, J.: TOF-SEMSANS - Time-of-flight spin-echo modulated small-angle neutron scattering. Journal of Applied Physics 112 (2012), p. 014503/1-4
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We report on measurements of spatial beam modulation of a polarized neutron beam induced by triangular precession regions in time-of-flight mode and the application of this novel technique spin-echo modulated small-angle neutron scattering (SEMSANS) to small-angle neutron scattering in the very small angle range. It is shown that this method can be implemented straight-forwardly in order to extend the accessible size range of structures to be investigated by SANS towards a microscopic scale by applying a divergent beam and measuring the real space correlation function. The novel approach of SEMSANS enables the application of sophisticated sample environment and measurements of magnetic samples (in contrast to the analogue method SESANS). VC 2012 American Institute of Physics.