• Rybkin, A.G.; Krasovskii, E.E.; Marchenko, D.; Chulkov, E.V.; Varykhalov, A.; Rader, O.; Shikin, A.M.: Topology of spin polarization of the 5d states on W(110) and Al/W(110) surfaces. Physical Review B 86 (2012), p. 035117/1-5

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The spin polarization of W(110) and Al/W(110) surfaces is studied by spin- and angle-resolved photoemission. On both surfaces distinct E(k//) dispersions are identified with an unusual topology: A single spectral branch is spin polarized antisymmetrically relative to the Gammabar point, and two spin-polarized branches cross at Gammabar . The crossing branches disperse linearly but this similarity to a Dirac cone is lost after deposition of the Al, where they acquire a parabolic dispersion. Based on ab initio one-step photoemission theory, we show that the measured spin polarization is a property of the ground state and identify the effect as the counterpart of the recently discovered Rashba polarization of bulk states at the surface, but with a distinct non-Rashba topology.