Seemann, K.M.; Garcia-Sanchez, F.; Kronast, F.; Miguel, J.; Kakay, A.; Schneider, C.M.; Hertel, R.; Freimuth, F.; Mokrousov, Y.; Blügel, S.: Disentangling the Physical Contributions to the Electrical Resistance in Magnetic Domain Walls: A Multiscale Study. Physical Review Letters 108 (2012), p. 077201/1-5

We analyze the origin of the electrical resistance arising in domain walls of perpendicularly magnetized materials by considering a superposition of anisotropic magnetoresistance and the resistance implied by the magnetization chirality. The domain wall profiles of L10-FePd and L10-FePt are determined by micromagnetic simulations based on which we perform first-principles calculations to quantify electron transport through the core and closure region of the walls. The wall resistance, being twice as high in L10-FePd than in L10-FePt, is found to be clearly dominated in both cases by a high gradient of magnetization rotation, which agrees well with experimental observations.