Baldasseroni, C.; Bordel, C.; Gray, A.X.; Kaiser, A.M.; Kronast, F.; Herrero-Albillos, J.; Schneider, C.M.; Fadley, C.S.; Hellman, F.: Temperature-driven nucleation of ferromagnetic domains in FeRh thin films. Applied Physics Letters 100 (2012), p. 262401/1-5

The evolution of ferromagnetic (FM) domains across the temperature-driven antiferromagnetic (AF) to FM phase transition in uncapped and capped epitaxial FeRh thin films was studied by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism and photoemission electron microscopy. The coexistence of the AF and FM phases was evidenced across the broad transition and the different stages of nucleation, growth, and coalescence were directly imaged. The FM phase nucleates into single domain islands and the width of the transition of an individual nucleus is sharper than that of the transition in a macroscopic average.