Lieutenant, K.: K7 - 2012 Q2 Work Package Report / ESS. , 2012

The main activities in this period were on extraction systems for elliptical guides where systems with high efficiency and symmetric divergence distribution were simulated (D.K.7.1.5), on the gravity effect in elliptical guides where a rule of thumb could be found to get a smooth divergence profile under gravity (D.K.7.1.7) and the inclusion of instrument and trajectory visualization in VITESS (D.K.7.2.4 and M.K.7.2.1). Additionally, the comparison of average and peak brilliances of different neutron sources was continued by updating the ILL moderator characteristics and writing a brilliance monitor module (D.K.7.1.6) and the paper on basic properties of elliptic guides was finished (D.K.7.1.2).