Haschke, J.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Gogolin, R.; Mews, M.; Mingirulli, N.; Korte, L.; Rech, B.: Approach for a Simplified Fabrication Process for IBC-SHJ Solar Cells with High Fill Factors. Energy Procedia 38 (2013), p. 732-736
Open Access Version

In this paper, interdigitated back contacted silicon heterojunction (IBC-SHJ) solar cell results as well as two dimensional device simulations are presented. The simulation indicates that for the minority contact (emitter) the coverage of the metallisation should be nearly 100 %, while this is less critical for the majority contact (BSF). We present experimental results for an IBC-SHJ solar cell with a metallisation fraction of 100% for the emitter and approximately 65% for the BSF, with a high fill factor of 77.7% and an independently confirmed energy conversion eciency of 19.4 %.