Schiwietz, G.; Beye, M.; Czerski, K.; Föhlisch, A.; Könnecke, R.; Roth, M; Schlappa, J.; Staufenbiel, F.; Suljoti, E.; Kuusik, I.; Grande, P.L.: Ultrafast electronic processes in an insulator: The Be and O sites in BeO. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research B 317 (2013), p. 48-55
Open Accesn Version

The short-time dynamics of amorphous beryllium oxide (a-BeO) has been investigated for electronic excitation/ionization by fast incident electrons, as well as by Ar7+, Ar15+, Xe15+, and Xe31+ ions at velocities of 6–10% the speed of light. Site specific Auger-electron spectra induced by fast heavy ions are the central point of this investigation. Electron induced Auger spectra serve as a reference and electron-energy loss (EELS) spectroscopy as well as resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) are invoked for quantitative understanding. For the heavy-ion case, we observe strong variations in the corresponding spectral distributions of Be–K and O–K Auger lines. These are related to local changes of the electron density, of the electron temperature and even of the electronic band structure of BeO on a femtosecond time scale after the passage of highly charged heavy ions.