Dikarov, E.; Fehr, M.; Schnegg, A.; Lips, K.; Blank, A.: Selective electron spin resonance measurements of micrometer-scale thin samples on a substrate. Measurement Science & Technology 24 (2013), p. 115009/1-7
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An approach to the selective observation of paramagnetic centers in thin samples or surfaces with electron spin resonance (ESR) is presented. The methodology is based on the use of a surface microresonator that enables the selective obtention of ESR data from thin layers with minimal background signals from the supporting substrate. An experimental example is provided, which measures the ESR signal from a 1.2 μm polycrystalline silicon layer on a glass substrate used in modern solar-cell technology. The ESR results obtained with the surface microresonator show the effective elimination of background signals, especially at low cryogenic temperatures, compared to the use of a conventional resonator. The surface microresonator also facilitates much higher absolute spin sensitivity, requiring much smaller surfaces for the measurement.