Barday, R.; Burrill, A.; Jankowiak, A.; Kamps, T.; Knobloch, J.; Kugeler, O.; Matveenko, A.; Neumann, A.; Schmeißer, M.; Völker, J.; Kneisel, P.; Nietubyc, R.; Schubert, S.; Smedley, J.; Sekutowicz, J.; Will, I.: Characterization of a Superconducting Pb Photocathode in a Superconducting RF Photoinjector Cavity. Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 16 (2013), p. 123402/1-7
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Photocathodes are a limiting factor for the next generation of ultrahigh brightness photoinjectors. We studied the behavior of a superconducting Pb cathode in the cryogenic environment of a superconducting rf gun cavity to measure the quantum efficiency, its spatial distribution, and the work function. We will also discuss how the cathode surface contaminants modify the performance of the photocathode as well as the gun cavity and we discuss the possibilities to remove these contaminants.