Neumann, A.; Anders, W.; Burrill, A.; Jankowiak, A.; Kamps, T.; Knobloch, J.; Kugeler, O.; Lauinger, P.; Matveenko, A.; Schmeißer, M.; Voelker, J.; Schubert, S.; Smedley, J.; Sekutowicz, J.; Zaplatin, E.; Volkov, V.; Ciovati, G.; Will, I.; Nietubyc, R.: Towards a 100mA Superconducting RF Photoinjector for BERLinPro. In: Claire Antoine ... [Ed.] : SRF2013: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on RF Superconductivity. Paris, 2014. - ISBN 978-3-95450-143-4, p. 42-49

For BERLinPro, a 100 mA CW-driven SRF energy re- covery linac (ERL) demonstrator facility, HZB needs to de- velop a photo-injector superconducting cavity which deliv- ers a at least 1mmmr emittance beam at high average cur- rent. To address these challenges of producing a high peak brightness beam at high repetition rate, at first HZB tested a fully superconducting injector with a lead cathode [1, 2], followed now by the design of a SC cavity for operation up to 4mA. It uses CW-modified TTF-III couplers and a normal conducting high quantum efficiency (QE) cathode using the HZDR-style insert scheme. This talk will present the latest results and an overview of the measurements with the lead cathode cavity, we also describe the design and optimization process, the first production results of the cur- rent design and an outlook to the further development steps towards the full power version.