Nekrassov, D.; Zendler, C.; Lieutenant, K.: Design of a wavelength frame multiplication system using acceptance diagrams. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research A 716 (2013), p. 71-77
Open Accesn Version

The concept of Wavelength Frame Multiplication (WFM) was developed to extend the usable wavelength range on long pulse neutron sources for instruments using pulse shaping choppers. For some instruments, it is combined with a pulse shaping double chopper, which defines a constant wavelength resolution, and a set of frame overlap choppers that prevent spurious neutrons from reaching the detector thus avoiding systematic errors in the calculation of wavelength from time of flight. Due to its complexity, the design of such a system is challenging and there are several criteria that need to be accounted for. In this work, the design of the WFM chopper system for the potential future liquids reflectometer at the European Spallation Source (ESS) is presented, which makes use of acceptance diagrams. They prove to be a powerful tool for understanding the work principle of the system and recognizing potential problems. The authors assume that the presented study can be useful for design or upgrade of further instruments, in particular the ones planned for the ESS.