Beleanu, A.; Kiss, J.; Kreiner, G.; Kohler, C.; Muchler, L.; Schnelle, W.; Burkhardt, U.; Chadov, S.; Medvediev, S.; Ebke, D.; Felser, C.; Cordier, G.; Albert, B.; Hoser, A.; Bernardi, F.; Larkin, TI.; Propper, D.; Boris, A.V.; Keimer, B.: Large resistivity change and phase transition in the antiferromagnetic semiconductors LiMnAs and LaOMnAs. Physical Review B 88 (2013), p. 184429/1-12
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Antiferromagnetic semiconductors are new alternative materials for spintronic applications and spin valves. In this work, we report a detailed investigation of two antiferromagnetic semiconductors AMnAs (A = Li, LaO), which are isostructural to the well-known LiFeAs and LaOFeAs superconductors. Here we present a comparison between the structural, magnetic, and electronic properties of LiMnAs, LaOMnAs, and related materials. Interestingly, both LiMnAs and LaOMnAs show a variation in resistivity with more than five orders of magnitude, making them particularly suitable for use in future electronic devices. Neutron and x-ray diffraction measurements on LiMnAs show a magnetic phase transition corresponding to the Neel temperature of 373.8 K, and a structural transition from the tetragonal to the cubic phase at 768 K. These experimental results are supported by density functional theory calculations.