Boulware, C.; Corlett, J.; Harday, K.; Hannon, F.; Hernandez-Garcia, C.; Kamps, T.; Krasilnikov, M.; Militsyn, B.; Quast, T.; Sannibale, F.; Teichert, J.: Electron Sources for Future Lightsources, Summary and Conclusions for the Activities during FLS 2012 Newport News, USA 2013. , 2013
Open Accesn Version

This paper summarizes the discussions, presentations, and activity of the Future Lightsources Workshop 2012 (FLS 2012) working group dedi- cated to Electron Sources. The focus of the working group was to discuss concepts and technologies that might enable much higher peak and av- erage brightness from electron beam sources. Furthermore the working group was asked to consider methods to greatly improve the robustness of operation and lower the costs of providing electrons.