• Amkreutz, D.; Haschke, J.; Kühnapfel, S.; Sonntag, P.; Rech, B.: Silicon thin film solar cells on glass with open circuit voltages above 620 mV formed by liquid phase crystallization. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 4 (2014), p. 1496-1501


Liquid phase crystallization using line shaped energy sources such as laser or electron beam has proven to be a suitable method to grow large-grained, high quality silicon films onto commercially well available glass substrates. In this paper we compare cw-diode laser crystallized absorbers with electron beam crystallized material using back-contacted back junction solar cells. Furthermore, the influence of the absorber doping concentration thickness on the solar cell performance is studied. Using experimental data obtained on test structures as well as solar cells and 1D device simulations, an ideal dopant concentration is determined to 2-6x1016 cm^-3 in combination with an absorber thickness of 10 to 20 um. Finally, we present a slightly modified cell process to reduce the optical losses which resulted in conversion efficiencies up to 11.8%