Coulet, M.-V.; Putero, M.; Muller, C.; Raoux, S.: Crystallization process in Ga-Sb phase change materials: a simultaneous DSC and quick-EXAFS study. In: Proceedings of the E\PCOS 2014 Symposium. , 2014, p. 143-144

To obtain a deeper understanding of the crystallization mechanism of phase change materials, a simultaneous x-ray and calorimetric experiment is proposed on the binary GaxSb1-x system. The combination of differential scanning calorimetry and quick-EXAFS measurements allows monitoring the structural changes related to the crystallization with a time resolution in the order of one minute. The combined analysis of EXAFS and calorimetric data is used to evidence phase separation tendency by determining simultaneously the structure and the stoichiometry of the crystallizing phases.