Lange, A.; Hentschel, M.P.; Kupsch, A.; Hilger, A.; Manke, I.; Lück, S.; Schmidt, V.; Grothausmann, R.: Reduzierung von Missing-Wedge-Artefakten der CT mit DIRECTT. Materials Testing 56 (2014), p. 716-721

Reduction of Missing Wedge Artifacts in Computerised Tomography by DIRECTT. Typical missing wedge (MW) artifacts in reconstructions of computerised tomography (CT) can be suppressed by the iterative algorithm DIRECTT (Direct Iterative Reconstruction of Computed Tomography Trajectories). The MW-restrictions due to missing projection angles are presently limited to specific applications of X-ray and neutron tomography. However, in the field of nanometer resolving electron tomography they are an inevitable standard. The MW artifacts can be removed much better by an additional procedure of the DIRECTT algorithm applying partially discrete intermediate solutions. Reconstructions of complete and incomplete data sets from measurements and models are created in order to evaluate their quality, and to compare them to the results of other algorithms (filtered back projection (FBP) and ART approaches). The Fourier transforms of the reconstructions demonstrate the contribution of supplementary information to the missing wedge sector. For further assessment of the reconstruction quality, adapted techniques of spatial statistics are applied.