Holy, F.; Maier, A.R.; Zeitler, B.; Weingartner, R.; Raith, S.; Kajumba, N.; El Ghazaly, M.; Lauth, W.; Kambrich, D.; Gaupp, A.; Scheer, M.; Bahrdt, J.; Grüner, F.: First spectral measurements of a cryogenic high-field short-period undulator. Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 17 (2014), p. 050704/1-8
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Further development of syncbrotron light sources and new concepts for free electron lasers require undulators with short periods and high magnetic fields. A promising approach is the cryogenic permanent magnet undulator concept based on an advanced magnet material. This new rare earth alloy (Pr, NdhFe14B, shows an increasing remanent field of up to 1.7 T without the Iimits of spin reorientation transition. This work presents first spectral measurements of a prototype cryogenic permanent magnet undulator, consisting of 20 periods of 9 mm in length, cooled by a closed cycle cryo-cooler to temperatures below 30 K. The K parameter of 0.837 at RT is increased by more than 15% to 0.966, and an increase of the third harmonics photon flux of up to 66% was achieved. A possible degradati.on of the on-axis field quality due to thermally induced magnetic field errors, deduced from the measured bandwidth of the spectrum, is below the limits of the detector resolution of 2%.