• Sun, G.; Zhang, X.; Rappich, J.; Hinrichs, K.: In situ infrared ellipsometric monitoring of the growth process of polyaniline thin films and doping with poly(4-styrenesulfonate). Applied Surface Science 344 (2015), p. 181-187


In this work, different undoped and doped polyaniline (PANI) films were synthesized by electrochemicalpulse deposition. The growth process was in situ investigated using a combined infrared spectroscopicellipsometry (IRSE) and optical spectroscopy set-up in the visible spectral range [Vis-ellipsometry andreflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS)]. A growth acceleration effect and thicker PANI films in thepresence of poly(4-styrenesulfonate) (PSS) are concluded from the measurements in the infrared andvisible spectral range. IR-microscopic spectra revealed a strong inhomogeneity of the obtained PANI filmdoped with PSS. Moreover, the interpretation of the in situ IR ellipsometry spectra not only deliveredqualitative (e.g., chemical structure and composition) information, but also quantitative information(e.g., film thickness) in the growth process of the PANI films by applying an optical layer model.