Baumgärtel, P.; Witt, M.; Baensch, J.; Fabarius, M.; Erko, A.; Schäfers, F.; Schirmacher, H.: RAY-UI: A Powerful and Extensible User Interface for RAY. AIP Conference Proceedings 1741 (2016), p. 040016/1-4

The RAY-UI project started as a proof-of-concept for an interactive and graphical user interface (UI) for the well-known ray tracing software RAY [1]. In the meantime, it has evolved into a powerful enhanced version of RAY that will serve as the platform for future development and improvement of associated tools. The software as of today supports nearly all sophisticated simulation features of RAY. Furthermore, it delivers very significant usability and work efficiency improvements. Beamline elements can be quickly added or removed in the interactive sequence view. Parameters of any selected element can be accessed directly and in arbitrary order. With a single click, parameter changes can be tested and new simulation results can be obtained. All analysis results can be explored interactively right after ray tracing by means of powerful integrated image viewing and graphing tools. Unlimited image planes can be positioned anywhere in the beamline, and bundles of image planes can be created for moving the plane along the beam to identify the focus position with live updates of the simulated results. In addition to showing the features and workflow of RAY-UI, we will give an overview of the underlying software architecture as well as examples for use and an outlook for future developments.