• Iurchuk, V.; Schick, D.; Bran, J.; Colson, D.; Forget, A.; Halley, D.; Koc, A.; Reinhardt, M.; Kwamen, C.; Morley, N. A.; Bargheer, M.; Viret, M.; Gumeniuk, R.; Schmerber, G.; Doudin, B.; Kundys, B.: Optical Writing of Magnetic Properties by Remanent Photostriction. Physical Review Letters 117 (2016), p. 107403/1-5

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We present an optically induced remanent photostriction in BiFeO3, resulting from the photovoltaic effect, which is used to modify the ferromagnetism of Ni film in a hybrid BiFeO3/Ni structure. The 75% change in coercivity in the Ni film is achieved via optical and nonvolatile control. This photoferromagnetic effect can be reversed by static or ac electric depolarization of BiFeO3. Hence, the strain dependent changes in magnetic properties are written optically, and erased electrically. Light-mediated straintronics is therefore a possible approach for low-power multistate control of magnetic elements relevant for memory and spintronic applications.