Babkevich, P.; Jeong, M.; Matsumoto, Y.; Kovacevic, I.; Finco, A.; Toft-Petersen, R.; Ritter, C.; Mansson, M.; Nakatsuji, S.; Ronnow, H. M.: Dimensional Reduction in Quantum Dipolar Antiferromagnets. Physical Review Letters 116 (2016), p. 197202/1-5
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We report ac susceptibility, specific heat, and neutron scattering measurements on a dipolar-coupled antiferromagnet LiYbF4. For the thermal transition, the order-parameter critical exponent is found to be 0.20(1) and the specific-heat critical Exponent -0.25(1). The exponents agree with the 2D XY=h4 universality class despite the lack of apparent two-dimensionality in the structure. The order-parameter exponent for the quantum phase transitions is found to be 0.35(1) corresponding to (2+1)D. These results are in line with those found for LiErF4 which has the same crystal structure, but largely different TN, crystal field environment and hyperfine interactions. Our results therefore experimentally establish that the dimensional reduction is universal to quantum dipolar antiferromagnets on a distorted diamond lattice.