Xie, T.; Gong, D.; Zhang, W.; Gu, Y.; Huesges, Z.; Chen, D.; Liu, Y.; Hao, L.; Meng, S.; Lu, Z.; Li, S.; Luo, H.: Crystal growth and phase diagram of 112-type iron pnitide superconductor Ca1-yLayFe1-xNixAs2. Superconductor Science & Technology 30 (2017), p. 095002/1-7
Open Accesn Version

We report a systematic crystal growth and characterization of Ca1−y La y Fe1−x Ni x As2, the newly discovered 112-type iron-based superconductor. After substituting Fe by a small amount of Ni, bulk superconductivity is successfully obtained in high-quality single crystals sized up to 6 mm. Resistivity measurements indicate common features for transport properties in this 112-type iron pnictide, suggest strong scattering from chemical dopants. Together with the superconducting transition temperature T c , and the Néel temperature T N determined by the elastic neutron scattering, we sketch a three-dimensional phase diagram in the combination of both Ni and La dopings.