Menzel, D.; Mews, M.; Rech, B.; Korte, L.: Electronic structure of indium-tungsten-oxide alloys and their energy band alignment at the heterojunction to crystalline silicon. Applied Physics Letters 112 (2018), p. 011602/1-5
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The electronic structure of thermally co-evaporated indium-tungsten-oxide films is investigated. The stoichiometry is varied from pure tungsten oxide to pure indium oxide and the band alignment at the indium-tungsten-oxide/crystalline silicon heterointerface is monitored. Using in-system photoelectron spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy and surface photovoltage measurements we show that the work function of indium-tungsten-oxide continuously decreases from 6.3 eV for tungsten oxide to 4.3 eV for indium oxide, with a concomitant decrease of the band bending at the hetero interface to crystalline silicon than indium oxide.