Guc, M.; Levcenko, S.; Zalamai, V.; Arushanov, E.; Syrbu, N.N.: Raman scattering in right angle configuration on Cu2ZnSiSe4 single crystals. Optical Materials 73 (2017), p. 119-123

Polarized Raman scattering and resonance Raman scattering spectra of Cu2ZnSiSe4 crystals measured at temperature 300 and 10 K were investigated. Nine vibrational modes of A2 symmetry, seven modes of B2 symmetry and nine modes of B1 symmetry were determined in Raman spectra taken at right angle configuration from the (2 1 0) crystal plane. A resonance Raman scattering with participation of 2LO, 3LO and more phonons was observed at photon energies higher than the ground state of exciton transition at low temperature.