Heim, K.; Garcia-Moreno, F.; Banhart, J.: Particle size and fraction required to stabilise aluminium alloy foams created by gas injection. Scripta Materialia 153 (2018), p. 54-58

Liquid metal foam owes its stability to the presence of solid particles. To elucidate the conditions under which such particles stabilise foams, 15 different aluminium-alloy based metal matrix composites were melted, after which airwas injectedwith the objective to create bubbles and eventuallymetal foam. Foamformationwasmonitored in-situ by X-ray radioscopy. All systems were classified foamable, partially foamable and unfoamable. Foamable composites form a preferred range in the stability diagram displaying particle fractions vs. particle size, thus experimentally confirming earlier claims. All investigated composites fall into the same range even though their alloy and particle types vary.